2014 Fall Festival of Independent Film

CELLULOID logoOn Sunday, September 14th, we begin the FOURTH ANNUAL Fall Festival of Independent Film at North Central College.  The college’s student film club CELLULOID hosts the event, a partnership with the Naperville Independent Film Festival (NIFF), now in its 7th year.

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NIFF shows most of its foreign films at the college, films which come from Paris’ European Independent Film Festival (the ECU).  To get to Paris, films have to have won an award at another festival.  They’re judged again in Paris, and we show some of the winners there—making most of our foreign film showings double-winners to begin with.

A still from "iminy," one of the films in this year's festival.

A still from “Jiminy,” one of the films in this year’s festival.

This year features 18 films from the U.S. and eight other countries.  All shows start at 7:00 p.m. in Smith Hall, on the second floor of Old Main, 30 N. Brainard St., on the North Central College campus in Naperville.  We don’t want money to be a big obstacle, so the ticket prices are low:  $3 an evening and $12 for the whole week for North Central College students, faculty and staff, and $5 an evening and $16 for the week for the general public.

Best Animated Short Film, "Drag Me," from Greece.

Best Animated Short Film, “Drag Me,” from Greece.

Among the films in this year’s festival Jiminy follows Nathaniel, who works as a repair man fixing brain implants called “crickets” that allow people for a probably-not-so-distant-future to switch into “auto mode” any time they choose.  Jiminy, a French film, took home the Best Director prize from Paris.  Heritage explores the extraordinary place of guns in Swiss culture, Switzerland—that icon of neutrality—currently being the third most armedcountry on the planet.  The Best Animated Short Film went to Drag Me, from Greece.  And Best Non-European Documentary went to a U.S. film, Not Anymore, the story of the Syrian revolution told through the experiences of two young people, a rebel fighter and a journalist.

"Not Anymore," a film about the revolution in Syria is featured in the 2014 Festival.

“Not Anymore,” a film about the revolution in Syria is featured in the 2014 Festival.

  Go to LEAD POST for these festivals, where you will find links to all past schedules, plus the current festival.  The Lead Post was for the 2013 festival.

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