2016 Fall Festival of Independent Film

Join us on the campus of North Central College for…

The Sixth Annual Fall Festival of Independent Film.

September 18-23, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Old Main’s Smith Hall

Admission: $5 per night, general admission, FREE for North Central College students with a valid college ID.

Naperville Independent Film Festival logoA joint presentation of the 9th Annual Naperville Independent Film Festival, Celluloid (the college’s student film club), and the college’s Cultural Events Committee, this year’s festival presents 22 films from seven countries—France, Estonia, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium—and several states in the U.S.   It features a special night devoted to just German Film on Thursday, September 22nd.

Still from the German animated film "Old Man with a Bird."

Still from the German animated film “The Old Man and the Bird” featured at this year’s festival.

This year the Naperville Independent Film Festival has been expanded to two weeks, with North Central College hosting week two. As in past years, many of the films at the college are foreign films, particularly from Paris’ European Independent Film Festival (the ECU), commonly referred to as “Europe’s Sundance Festival.”  But the second week of the festival begins at the college with a replay of the Audience Favorite award-winning film from the festival’s first week held this year at Naperville’s Hollywood Palms.

≡≡  For full schedule of entire festival go to www.naperfilmfest.org
≡≡  Go here for Full Schedule of just North Central College showings.
≡≡  Go here for Short Schedule of college showings.


 Go to the LEAD POST on this annual film festival for links to articles and schedules from past years.

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