Sedona, AZ

Win a week in Sedona.  See below.

For over 15 years, our family has loved Sedona, Arizona, a place USA Travel has called, “The most beautiful city in America.”  We first visited in 2002.  On our way Red Rock Crossing in Sedona, Arizonaback to Phoenix after some consulting work I had done at Northern Arizona University, Linda said we should go through Sedona, which she’d heard about and seen pictures of when her then-boss, the portrait photographer Ron Stewart, had held a photographers’ society meeting there.  We traveled with the family’s youngest, Bryan Emmanuel Guzman, who begged us to stop at so many scenic turn-outs that we feared missing our plane.  Soon after, we were in the right place at the right time to buy a small condo there for tens of thousands of dollars under market value.  When Bryan died in December 2006 the town became that much more important to us.

Below are some resources which will give you a greater sense of why this special place is even more so to us.  The first 2 items below are Videos of the condo & Sedona area.

Your chance to win a week in Sedona.

A week at our condo is an item you can win at the annual Emmanuel House/The Neighbor Project* Dinner and Auction.  The auction is the main fundraiser for this organization—a living memorial to Bryan—which helps lift the working poor out of poverty.  Learn more on this site about Emmanuel House, and visit THE NEIGHBOR PROJECT website to donate, volunteer, and invest.  Go to these links, or Here, for more on the Dinner/Auction, and come join us!

  In 2016, Emmanuel House was named one of the “Top 100 social change organizations” in the world.  * In April 2018 it merged with its long-time partner The Joseph Corporation to become THE NEIGHBOR PROJECT.  The merger increased its ability to lift working families out of poverty by more than 10 fold.

For more about Sedona:

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