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Three Indian musicians


this site has:


Ω   A Featured Song, which will change every week or so.

Ω   A “Guz-Music” collection permanently on the site  (see below).

Ω   In the future a Purchase and/or Download music feature.

Ω   Many articles and videos on music, among them:


Dot 2Guz-Music Collection
Go here to see the list and listen.

Most of the “Featured Song” choices will be from the Guzman family, mainly from Daniel,  but others are also deeply involved—


Daniel Guzman.  A brilliant song-writer and guitarist, Dan is also a great arranger and  can make good music on almost any instrument or inanimate object.  Check out “CBS,” “You Are There,” and “Slippin’” and others at the Guz-Music Collection link above.

Richard Guzman.  The clan’s patriarch is also a performer and writer, and as a published composer was elected in 1981 to ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, the group that, among other things, enforces copyright and tries to get creators and publishers supported and paid.

Aaron Guzman.  A wonderful trumpeter, he teaches and conducts in Riverside, California.  A multi-instrumentalist who plays many forms of music, he nonetheless lords it over the family as the one dedicated to classical and concert music—which he knows is deeper than anything the rest of us will ever produce. Bach, Beethoven—that stuff.

Rick Guzman.  The elder offspring, he has worked mostly in politics and community development, but plays a good guitar and sings fluently in both English and Spanish. At one time he was the front man of a band that Richard, Daniel, and the late Bryan Guzman (a great bassist) backed him up in.  It was a Mexican band, even though four of the six members were Filipino or half-Filipino.

Josh Bonifas.  A fine actor, Josh also plays guitar and—his favorite—harmonica.  He writes very good songs, and in one of his films, Regentanz, also fearlessly shows off what have got to be (a la Napoleon Dynamite) some of the goofiest dance moves in cinema.


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