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  VOICES & FREEDOMS (History of Jazz series)
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Robert Johnson picture for blues show Something Old_New_Borrowed_Blue


“Something Old, New, Borrowed…Blue,” a demo Dr. Guzman was asked to produce for a possible radio show on the blues. Listen here.



Music & CultureVoices and Freedoms: A History of Jazz, Dr. Guzman’s first book, was also made into a 16-part nationally syndicated radio show.  Excerpts of each show are available to all.  Complete shows are available only to those who buy either the e-book or pdf versions of Voices and Freedoms.  (Go here to BUY—This button goes live when the book becomes available.)


  • Show 1:   Voices and Freedoms—The Intro (excerpt / full show) 
  • Show 2:  Hollers, Cries, Work Songs, Spirituals (excerpt / full show)
  • Show 3:  The Blues (excerpt / full show)
  • Show 4:  Early Jazz: New Orleans and Other Cities (excerpt / full show)
  • Show 5:  Louis Armstrong (excerpt / full show)
  • Show 6:  “The Jazz Age” (excerpt / full show)
  • Show 7:  Fats Waller, “One Never Knows, Do One?” (excerpt / full show)
  • Show 8:  Ellington (excerpt / full show)
  • Show 9:  Basie and Swing (excerpt / full show)
  • Show 10: Be-Bop (excerpt / full show)
  • Show 11: Jazz as Art, Jazz as Cool (excerpt / full show)
  • Show 12: Regression or Revival? (excerpt / full show)
  • Show 13: John Coltrane: The Heaviest Spirit (excerpt / full show)
  • Show 14: Ornette Coleman: Lessons in Freedom (excerpt / full show)
  • Show 15: Cecil Taylor, Thelonius Monk (excerpt / full show)
  • Show 16: Transitions (excerpt / full show)


Radio On Air







MY FAVORITE RADIO SHOWS.  Turns out old-fashioned radio isn’t old at all.  Radio documentaries or great story shows like This American Life and ReSound are among today’s most significant forms of entertainment and learning.  Here are links to some of the ones I’ve enjoyed most.

  • 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.  Writer Sam Swope visits a class of restless, imaginative 11-year-olds in Queens, embracing the challenge of teaching them Wallace Stevens’ poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.”  Winner Best Documentary, 2004 Third Coast/R.H. Driehaus Foundation Competition. (First aired: The Next Big Thing, 2003)
  • The Bollywood Show.  A tall, white New Zealander travels to Mumbai to try out for parts in Bollywood films.  (Radio New Zealand, 2003)
  • The Lemon Tree.  Twenty years after being forced to flee, a Palestinian man returns to his old home to meet the Israeli woman who now lives there. (Fresh Air, 1998)
  • Six to Eight Black Men – David Sedaris. Not exactly a radio show, but Sedaris is regularly featured on This American Life and other radio shows. Here he’s reading one of his most hilarious pieces.
  • Go  to the  THIRD  COAST  INTERNATIONAL  AUDIO  FESTIVAL  website, one of the world’s premiere sites for the best radio stories and documentaries.  Its audio library links you to 100’s of the best radio shows and documentaries ever made, including most of the ones above.

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