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Climbing Bryan’s Mountain, 2022

I hadn’t been up on Bryan’s Mountain (Bell Rock) since June 14, 2020, something I explained in my 2021 entry in this series called “Climbing Bryan’s Mountain.”  There had been our pandemic, then a year of extreme fire danger, but … Continue reading

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St. John…Coltrane

The Video/Audio below is an excerpt from the 13th show of my radio series Voices and Freedoms: A History of Jazz, based on my 1976 book of the same name.  It’s the only episode that doesn’t begin with the series’ … Continue reading

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On Not Thinking About What’s Missing

This is a short follow up to The Neighbor Project’s 2022 gala, held this past September 17th.  The “Starry Night”-themed evening gave us some wonderful food, a beautiful evening, and an encore performance from Gerald McClendon, aka The Soul Keeper.  … Continue reading

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