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We need your help.  We have a chance to convince PBS stations across America to show the award-winning documentary film on the edge: Family Homelessness in America on on the edge: Family Homelessness in AmericaMother’s Day this year.  Please email or call your local PBS station with a simple message—something like this: “This Mothers’ Day is a perfect time to air on the edge: Family Homelessness in America, a powerful, award-winning documentary about homeless women and their children. These families are usually voiceless and invisible, and showing this film will help educate America about this terrible, growing crisis.”

WTTW-TV11: (773)509-1111,
WYCC-TV20: (773)838-7880,

These are the emails and phone numbers of Chicago’s two PBS stations.  After writing this post, I just copied everything from the sample message through the emails above, then went to my own email, did a little pasting and cutting and sent off two messages in about four minutes.  If you’re set up to email right from these addresses—I’m not—you can just do that.  However you do this yourself, a little time will help us take advantage of this big opportunity.  Finally, you can help even more by “liking” this post, and tweeting this info if you’re a tweeter.  The buttons for these are placed before and after this post, and there’s also a button to recommend it on Google.  It all adds up.

Women and children make up a staggering percentage of America’s homeless population, with many of the over 1.6 million children being babies and toddlers.  It’s a shameful, growing epidemic. Diane Nilan—who, along with NIU’s Dr. Laura Vasquez, produced and directed on the edge—has spent a distinguished lifetime advocating for all homeless people.  on the edge has won several awards. Find out more about the film, Diane, and her national organization, Hear Us, at

My wife, Linda Bonifas-Guzman, is on the board of directors of Hear Us; I helped Diane with her book Crossing the Line: Taking Steps to End Homelessness; and Linda and I are approaching 30 years working in shelters and organizations Diane started or directed.  It’s been a fulfilling journey for us, but homelessness keeps growing, and we need more and more people to get involved until we as a nation decide homelessness is a blight on our character that needs to be stopped.  Please help.  Email, call your PBS station, like and tweet–whatever you can do–as soon as possible.  Thanks.

♦  Read about the SUCCESS of this campaign!

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