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Healing Racial Trauma

Below is a 6:30 video showing a segment from Lenard McKelvey’s Comedy Central show Tha God’s Honest Truth.  He’s taken the performance name Charlamagne Tha God, which explains the name of his comedy show, which sometimes takes on topics not … Continue reading

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On Not Thinking About What’s Missing

This is a short follow up to The Neighbor Project’s 2022 gala, held this past September 17th.  The “Starry Night”-themed evening gave us some wonderful food, a beautiful evening, and an encore performance from Gerald McClendon, aka The Soul Keeper.  … Continue reading

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Juneteenth Now More Than Ever

It’s Fall 2022 in earnest now.  For a couple of nights we’ve draped towels over our outdoor flower pots to protect against freezing temperatures, hoping to make the blooms last just a little longer. And we look back with nostalgia … Continue reading

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