Dan Guzman – “But It Was (Hijacked)”

HC-PrL11cHere’s one of Hypnotist Collector’s great songs, “But It Was (Hijacked).”  A great rock riff fuels this song with so much meaning for our times.  There’s literal hijacking, of course, but we’ve also been hijacked by rats, inequality, materialism…. When I first asked Dan Guzman what the song was about he said, “The hijacking of religion by fundamentalists.” The video below was released on December 4, 2015, the day Bryan Emmanuel Guzman would have turned 30.  Here Bryan plays bass and does the backing vocals.  Justin Flanagan on drums.  Daniel, on one of his best songs, plays guitar and sings lead.

♦ Hear more of Dan Guzman’s music on this site.

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