VIDEO: Emmanuel House/Bryan House Silent Auction

We first posted this in the middle of a hot, dry 2012 Summer in the Midwest, asking, Is it too early to think about a cool, late-Fall day? Suddenly it’s here, and with that…

On FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16th, in the evening, we’ll hold this year’s Emmanuel House/Bryan House Silent Auction—the Fifth Annual.  Save the date.  More details HERE.

In preparation, below is a short video of last year’s Silent Auction, the 2011 4th Annual.  Just short, fuzzy clips shot with a not-so-great digital camera, but you’ll get the idea—AND the music is from Dan Guzman’s old band Hypnotist Collector.  Plug your computer into some speakers, or listen with headphones, and you’ll catch some of the late Bryan Guzman‘s great bass playing.  Emmanuel House—“Emmanuel” is Bryan’s middle name—is a living memorial to him.

Emmanuel House

Breaking the cycle of working class poverty

Emmanuel House helps families save towards their first home or college educations for their children.  Read more about Emmanuel House Here.

The auction will feature 100’s of items, from great vacations to sports memorabilia (like that football Devin Hester signed for us last year!), to toys, to everyday items you’d be buying anyway—soap, food, baby needs…. Something for everyone.  Christmas Shopping with a cause.  SEE YOU THERE.

*** Go to the Emmanuel House main page.

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