EMMAUS – by Richard R. Guzman

Richard R. Guzman at Bryan's tree in Sedona, AZThis first draft of a choral piece by Richard R. Guzman has already been performed several times, and sets one of the most dramatic events in the New Testament to music.  Luke 24:13 begins the story of Jesus appearing to two people traveling the road to the town of Emmaus.  “Did not our hearts burn within as He spoke to us?” they say after they finally realize who it is that’s been accompanying them and trying to explain the complex events of suffering and resurrection.  It wasn’t explanation that brought recognition, however.  It was when the talking had stopped and Jesus simply broke bread with them, then disappeared.

  Hear other Guzman choral pieces like Psalm 103 and an anthem, “Climbing Up That Mountain,” and songs like “Count Your Blessings” and “What A Friend We Have in Jesus,” featuring Dan Guzman.

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