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Guz4AuroraVideoHere are a few comments from people endorsing RICK GUZMAN for mayor of Aurora, Illinois.  Start with a VIDEO by clicking on the picture to the left. Go to endorsements from Mayor Tom Weisner and Kane County Board Chair Chris Lauzen, to the Guzman for Aurora website, and to the full text of the Daily Herald endorsement, which is prefaced by an announcement that Senator Dick Durbin, Congressman Bill Foster, and Labor has also endorsed his candidacy.  Then consider the following, just a small sampling of comments from the many who believe that Rick Guzman is by far the best choice for mayor.  The overwhelming majority of his support and money raised has come locally, from people working at home every day to keep Aurora on the upward path it started 12 years ago under mayor Tom Weisner, a great Guzman supporter.

From the VIDEO referenced above, I want to highlight first the words of LINDA COLE: “If the race for mayor was a job interview, and we were hiring the most prepared, qualified candidate with the most relevant—and remember that word ‘relevant’—experience, that would be Rick Guzman hands down.”  Here’s more:

Dot 1GREG THOMAS (former Aurora Police Chief):  “I believe Rick is the right choice for Mayor…He is a great innovator and collaborator.  I appreciate his ability to think broadly and his capability to bring people together.  I believe Rick is the right person to continue to grow and improve the City of Aurora.”

Dot 1SCOTT VORIS (President of Kelmscott Communications):  “Rick’s not political.  Rick is consistent and he’s knowledgeable.  And Rick has a deep understanding of how our city government actually functions…Rick’s not a talker, he’s a doer—and that’s why the business community is going to be behind him.”

Dot 1BILL POWELL (former Aurora Police Chief): “I am convinced that Rick Guzman has the necessary qualities to become the next leader of the City of Aurora.  For Aurora to realize its potential, Aurora needs a visionary.  I believe that is Rick Guzman.”

Dot 1RACHEL OSSYRA (Naperville Township Supervisor):  “Rick has the skills and Rick has the personality to bring people together.  Where others see a problem, Rick Guzman sees an opportunity.  Rick Guzman will encourage economic growth through smart management, certainly, but also through collaboration.”  (See her endorsement VIDEO Here.)

Dot 1GONZALO ARROYO (Executive Director (ret.) of Family Focus, Aurora):  “Time and time again, I have seen Rick be a bridge-builder—bringing people together and creating partnerships to accomplish big things in the City of Aurora.  Rick is THE one who can tackle the big issues that our community continues to face.”

Dot 1TOM CAVENAGH (Professor of Law, Business, and Conflict Resolution—North Central College):  “He was a splendid student, and is now, as he was then, a man of principle and conviction.  Any city would be blessed to have him as its leader.”

Dot 1PETER GROMETER (former Chief Judge):  “We are on the cusp of something really exciting.  All we need is a leader with the conviction and intelligence to lead us forward.  I think we have that in Rick Guzman.  He’s got the skills of a small businessman and the acumen of an attorney.  He’s got the intelligence, and he’s got the drive.”

Dot 1JOHN LEHMAN (former Aurora Fire Chief):  “Having worked with Rick over the last several years, he has proven to be a collaborator and someone who has demonstrated his ability to lead.  The wide range of experiences Rick has with public service and municipal government make him the best mayoral candidate for the City of Aurora.”

Others endorsing Rick Guzman include: Frank Navarro, Tim Reuland, Mike Drews, Steven McCormick, Ingrid Roney, Hector Ochoa, Krishna Bansal, Jerry Knudtson, Brian Konen, Yanet Garcia…and many more.

 Go to the Lead Post on this site about the Guzman for Aurora campaign.

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