Kevin Andrew Prchal – Make Me A Believer

Kevin Andrew Prchal at The Union

Still from a video of Kevin Andrew Prchal singing “Dream in Color.” Watch it HERE.

The VIDEO below shows Kevin Andrew Prchal singing “Make Me A Believer” at a Spring 2015 TEDx event at North Central College. Introduced by Rick Guzman as a “Socially conscious singer with a captivating sound,” Kevin performs with one of his groups, Wheeling Birds.  It’s vintage Prchal: him singing a modern song so steeped in myth and tradition it seems to radiate from a deep American past.

Visit Kevin’s website, which currently features a lovely video of “Dim and Rise” from his second album Sorrow Sings (see link below), and go HERE for a longer review of some of his exceptional work and his involvement with Emmanuel House.

For now enjoy Kevin and Wheeling birds below, then watch and listen to him more on this site and others:

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