The Neighbor Project’s 2020 Gala

NOTE: Two hours after it’s close online, the gala had raised some $150,000, with more to come in over the next couple of weeks!  Thank you all.  If you missed it, or were too busy having fun during it to pay 100% attention, you can watch it at your leisure by going to The Neighbor Project website and clicking on the WATCH THE RECORDING button below the “Light Up the Night” banner.  Our hosts, Cheryl Pacilio and Peter Burchard, were fabulous, but also pay special attention to the five produced videos: an Intro Video (which I had the honor of narrating), two videos showing Rick Guzman giving an award and casting a vision for 2021 (pay lots of attention here!), plus two videos profiling people who have gone through Neighbor Project programs.


Like many gatherings this year it’s VIRTUAL.  It’s also free, and there’s no place to get ready to go to, so it’s easier to attend than ever.  So please join us.  You’ll be helping your neighbors and your country.

September 19th, 7:30 to 8:15 p.m.

The Neighbor Project helps hard working families >get out of debt, >save, and >buy homes so they can participate more fully in creating better neighborhoods for all of us.  Home ownership is perhaps the major way to help close our nation’s enormous, dangerous, and growing wealth gap.  You’ll be helping both individual families and our country as a whole.

Go HERE to register.

While Here watch an introductory VIDEO, find out how The Neighbor Project works, and how you  can get involved.  Start to know us better by attending our first-ever virtual gala.  There’ll be information and inspiration.  And if you’re so inclined, the website and the gala will give you ways to donate, from one-time or continuing gifts, to being a Sponsor, to…

OUR ALWAYS ANTICIPATED LIVE AUCTION, with the fabulous Peter Burchard, a show all by himself!  Bid on a short list of items ranging from small gifts to luxury vacations, and in between things for sports fans like an authenticated, signed jersey from soccer super star Pele.

It will be an info- and fun-packed 45 minutes.  BE THERE, BE INSPIRED, BE THE NEIGHBOR!

D I G    D E E P E R.  Look at some of the history of The Neighbor Project, and some of the issues its work touches.

  Go to “Graphic Inequality” to learn more about our nation’s incredible wealth gap. If a one-inch line represented the $65 the average American has gained since 1965, the line representing what the top 1/10 of one percent has gained would be nearly FIVE miles long. One inch vs. five miles! Unbelievable—and dangerous for democracy.

  Go to “The Racial Wealth Gap and Home Ownership” and watch the short Netflix show Explained: The Racial Wealth Gap.  Much time is spent on the importance of home ownership for closing the racial wealth gap.

  Go to “Emmanuel House Becomes The Neighbor Project” to see how TNP was formed. And to “Emmanuel House in the Top 100” for news about Emmanuel House being named one of the Top 100 Most Innovative Social Change Organizations in the World.

  For a look back at earlier galas go to “The Neighbor Project Challenge: BE the Neighbor,” and for links to yet other galas and fund raisers go to the Emmanuel House/Neighbor Project main page on this site.  A couple of times American Idol finalist Danny Gokey gave us wonderful concerts.

  In articles about literary figures like Lorraine Hansberry, and in movie reviews like It’s a Wonderful Life, I also write about the importance of home ownership.

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