Peace Not War: A Bryan House Dedication

Kevin Prchal and Dan Guzman at Bryan House Garden Dedication, 2009It’s always good to look back at a wonderful performance at the 2009 Bryan House Garden Dedication.  Bryan House remains the centerpiece of now multiple sites of Emmanuel House, a larger organization which helps disrupt cycles of poverty for hard-working American families through home ownership and higher education.  Bryan House and Emmanuel House were both started as a living memorials to Bryan Emmanuel Guzman by Rick and Desiree Guzman.  Read more about it Here, and join Emmanuel House’s mission, a mission now more important than ever, given the growing inequality in America today.

In 2016 Emmanuel House was named one of the “TOP 100 MOST INNOVATIVE” social change organizations in the world.

One of the great supporters of Bryan House and Emmanuel House has been singer/songwriter Kevin Andrew Prchal, here with Dan Guzman in an impromptu—but so good!—rendition of his song “Peace Not War,” from his CD Eat Shirt and Tie.

Go to the Emmanuel House/Bryan House main page.
Hear “Hallelujah,” another song performed by Kevin and Dan at the Garden Dedication.
Hear more of Dan Guzman’s music on this site.

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