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The template for this site is called “Sliding Door,” which I’ll be changing some time soon to make the site more mobile friendly.  A fond farewell, then, to Sliding Door, my first website look, the one that got me going.  The sliding pictures at the top duplicate the primary navigation running under them, so may be too fussy, too complex, for our increasingly grab-and-go culture.  Still, Sliding Door will probably reflect more completely than the new simplified look the complexity and the amount of work I have and am doing in “Arts, Diversity, Social Change, Faith.”

The age of the mobile presents many puzzles.  Many film festivals now include the category “Films for Mobile Devices,” a new genre fitted precisely to mobile screens, but we see people all the time watching big screen films on mobiles.  For those of us fond of watching movies in theaters, watching them on the biggest tablets or laptops—even on the biggest tv’s, really—doesn’t exactly register, so watching them on tiny phone screens seems incomprehensible.

I can always go back to Sliding Doors, which is probably more suited to a laptop or large tablet screen, “Yet knowing how way leads on to way /  I doubt if I should ever come back.”*

Partly just for old-time’s sake, the video below summarizes the look and working of my soon-to-be-old site.  When or if I get nostalgic, I’ll come back to that.


* This line is from Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken,” where “doubt” is actually in the past tense: “doubted.”

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