Songs by DAN GUZMAN: “Moby Stank”

Liars, theives, cashing in favors, selling your soul, dropping it down in the desert.  “Moby Stank” is one of DAN GUZMAN’s toughest songs, here played by his old band Hypnotist Collector, with the late Bryan Guzman on bass, Justin Flanigan on drums, and Dan with one of his best guitar rage solos, a solo that mellows into slow-train blues at the end.  The video footage, though, comes from the time another  of his bands, Guzberries, played the song at the Cubby Bear in Chicago.  The video begins with a slow acoustic version of verse one before the Hypnotist Collector version breaks out. 

Listen below, then hear more of Dan Guzman’s music.

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