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Louis C.K. on Race: So I guess we’re even?

Comedian Louis C.K. has joked about race and privilege for years.  Here on a 2010 Tonight Show appearance, he does a great reprise of his basic white privilege bit—especially starting at about the 8:30 mark in this 12-minute segment, even though Jay Leno tries to steer … Continue reading

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Peggy McIntosh’s “Invisible Knapsack”

NOTE: You can find Dr. McIntosh’s essay “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” at many places on the web, but according to the Wellesley Centers for Women’s website, on the page featuring Dr. McIntosh (see a brief bio below), these … Continue reading

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Chris Rock: Racism Almost Over?

Only a liberal with a mind like Chris Rock would like “sh*tstorms of race hatred.”  Here’s what he said in an interview with Scott Raab in Esquire, March 2011. Scott Rabb: “Like many nice Caucasians, I cried the night Barack … Continue reading

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