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Climbing Bryan’s Mountain, 2019 — Part 2

This summer in Sedona I spent most of the time indoors, not out.  Five weeks of 12-hour days rehabbing our small condo after a big February flooding from a burst pipe in the condo upstairs.  I lost 12 pounds.  I … Continue reading

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Climbing Bryan’s Mountain, 2013 – Part 2

This post is part of a series consisting of excerpts from a journal I keep reflecting on loss, healing, change, and other adventures, usually during the few summer weeks I spend in Sedona, AZ.  Links to the LEAD POST and to Emmanuel House—an organization founded by … Continue reading

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Sedona, the Movie: Vortexes, Auras! Oh, My!

Sedona, Arizona, is stunningly beautiful—“The most beautiful city in America,” USA Travel called it—but also beset by an often distracting New Age loopiness. “You know what?” a local psychic tells the frazzled main character in the movie Sedona, “You need … Continue reading

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