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How the Other Third Lives

There’s much more on the so-called “Third World” today, though it’s still mostly out of sight, out of mind for most Americans, except for its association with terrorism and, currently, as a place where all those “sh*t hole countries” are.  … Continue reading

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The “Third World:” A Course Overview

The video below gives a course overview of MLS 634 – The “Third World,” a course I teach in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program at North Central College.  It walks you through a recent syllabus, commenting on the books … Continue reading

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Amartya Sen: Fear, Fact, and Freedom

On September 22, 1994, the venerable New York Review of Books published economist Amartya Sen’s essay “Population: Delusion and Reality,” his response to the long history of worries about over-population, from Malthus to Paul Ehrlich (The Population Bomb) to Garrett … Continue reading

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