Teaching Social Change

The main venue for my Teaching Social Change has been the graduate course MLD 683 – Leadership for Social Change.

While on this page, be sure to look at samples of Social Change Projects.  You can get a recent syllabus of the course on the Teaching page under the Graduate Courses category.  Also, visit—

  The Social Change main page,

  The Diversity Initiatives page,

 The Lead Post of a series on one of the most important pieces of leadership literature, Robert Greenleaf’s “The Servant as Leader.”

Social Change ProjectsBy now 100’s of students have gone through MLD 683.  I have told them that if every one of their projects became real or maintained the potential to become so—as several have—we would barely scratch the surface of the great need for social change.  Inequality, injustice, human failings—these assure an uphill struggle, as the logo at left shows.

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