There’s No Place Like A Home

The VIDEO below shows a few moments from the December 30th Paramount Theater/Neighbor Project Wizard of Oz fund raiser, where The Neighbor Project’s friends, staff, and program families got to see the smash Paramount Theater show, have dinner and hot chocolate afterwards, and meet-greet-and take pictures with the show’s stars.  It was, as Rick Guzman—The Neighbor Project’s executive director—said, “A magical ending to 2018.”


In an email message the following morning, Rick Guzman added: “The merger of Emmanuel House & Joseph Corporation has resulted in a lot of positive impact in 2018—including helping almost one family per week save their home & avoid foreclosure while helping dozens more buy their very first homes. But last night’s performance of the Wizard of Oz  with about 15 of our program families (including dozens of kids) seeing their very first Paramount show was truly something special!”

OzActors1Our thanks to everyone who has supported The Neighbor Project, an organization created in April of this year when Emmanuel House and The Joseph Corporation merged.  It helps families get out of debt, save money, and buy a home (or keep one out of foreclosure).  That home is an asset that opens doors to stability and financial and educational opportunities that change the trajectory of a family’s life, as well as the life of the neighborhood it lives in.  The result: a better community for all of us.  Homeowners stay in neighborhoods 4x longer.  Their children are 25% more likely to graduate from high school, and more than 115% likely to graduate from college.  Find out more about The Neighbor Project and get involved.

Finally, our thanks to The Paramount Theater, and to the stars of The Wizard of Oz—Elizabeth Stenholt (Dorothy), Kyle Adams (Scarecrow), Carl Draper (Tinman)—for their wonderful performances in a spectacular show, and for their generosity in spending so much time and giving such warm enthusiasm to The Neighborhood Project’s staff, supporters, and families afterwards.  What momentum it built for another year of helping families and neighborhoods.

Note: A family emergency kept Paul-Jordan Janzen (the Lion) from joining us after the show. Our best wishes to him.

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