Video Overview of Leadership for Social Change

The video below walks you through the syllabus for MLD 683 – Leadership for Social Change, a course I’m teaching this Fall 2016 in the graduate programs at North Central College.  The syllabus for the course may have changed slightly since the video was produced, but all essentials remain the same.  After viewing the video, you can:

 Go to the TEACHING page of this site to get a pdf copy of the actual SYLLABUS being used this term.  Scroll down to COURSE MATERIALS and click on “View syllabus” under this course title.  (When the course is not being offered, the link may not be active.)  Here you can also follow the link to a number of SAMPLE PROJECTS done for this course.

 Go to the SOCIAL CHANGE page on this site to learn about other issues needing change, including hunger, homelessness, and other forms of inequality.


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  1. Scott Witte says:

    Dear Dr. Guzman,

    My name is Scott Witte, and I am extremely excited to begin your class this winter term. I am on track to graduate with an MLD in Professional Studies with a concentration in Marketing in the spring of 2016. I have been the Head Golf Course Superintendent for Cantigny golf for 20 years, however my life seems to be morphing into something far more than I ever expected. This has been spurred on by many things, but especially the words of my Senior Pastor Bill Hybels. As these words from Bill echo in my head: “You can live and lead small, live and lead safe, live and lead selfishly,… or you can pursue a grander vision. Anything less than the latter will simply not suffice for me these days! I eagerly await your guidance to help me hone my skills in promoting my vision for what I believe God has laid on my heart.
    Scott A. Witte

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