WBEZ interviews Richard Guzman about Black Writing from Chicago

In 2006 shortly after the release of my book Black Writing from Chicago: In the World, Not of It? WBEZ, Chicago, 91.5 FM—the nation’s largest Public Radio station—called to Cover for Black Writing from Chicagoset up an interview.  Steve Edwards did his typically fine intro and out-tro, and special correspondent Vanessa Bush did the rest.  Read more about Black Writing from Chicago, and Buy it if you wish. Click Below to hear the full ten + minute interview.

In this interview I explain the book’s subtitle, focus on Leanita McClain as the book’s emotional center, and attempt to distinguish Chicago’s Black writing from other Black writing.

I also get a chance to talk about the incalculable importance of people like Haki Madhubuti, and a chance to read a great poem by Carolyn Rodgers, a poem so full of feeling I just barely make it through.



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