One of this site’s main features is writing about CHICAGO writers, BLACK writers, and WORLD writers.  These links will take you to lists that will let you easily access articles and posts about them.

Cover for Black Writing from ChicagoI’ve based most of these articles and posts on my two “Chicago books”—Smokestacks and Skyscrapers: An Anthology of Chicago Writing (edited with David Starkey), and Black Writing from Chicago: In the World, Not of It?—as well as articles and presentations I’ve done for several journals, newspapers, and conferences.

They’ve also been based on courses I’ve taught over a long career at North Central College—specifically English courses on Multicultural Literature, World Literature, and Sacred Texts, and the graduate courses MLS 632 – Race, Ethnicity, and the American Experience, and MLS 634 – The “Third World.”  For more on these, go to my TEACHING page.



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