Writing Well Wherever You Work

Writing Well Wherever You WorkIn Writing Well Wherever You Work Richard R. Guzman presents concepts that will have you writing with “twice the quality in half the time” no matter where you work. That’s what he has guaranteed in writing seminars he has taught for over thirty years not only in college classrooms but in many corporations, from huge research labs and large engineering and manufacturing firms, to public institutions and small businesses.

He’s never been wrong. Whether you call what you’re engaged in professional writing, online writing, business writing, technical writing, or any number of similar names, Writing Well Wherever You Work will help you write more quickly and with more quality.

It presents practical, easy to implement advice on writing more effective memos, reports, proposals, letters, and online content, not just more quickly but also with more style—that is, in sentences and logical patterns that are more elegant and easier to understand. Yet though Writing Well Wherever You Work is compact—under 90 pages long—it also goes beyond the merely practical.

This unique book embeds practical advice into the larger context of the nature of writing and the power of writing to transform the writer, the reader, and the entire workplace. As it addresses sentence structure and writing forms, it also tackles deeper issues of problem solving, freedom, responsibility, beauty, and the power of flowing and letting go, qualities which are at the core of all good writing.

In helping us to write better, Writing Well Wherever You Work can also help us bring more of these qualities into the places we work.

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