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Coffee, Ambien, Race

Caffeine speeds us up, Ambien slows us down.  Fast or slow, in America race is always there, much as we still spend huge amounts of energy denying it, trying not to face it.  Is Starbucks’ closing of 8000 stores “facing … Continue reading

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The Rhythm of Rage

I honestly don’t know what’s prompted me to write this comment on the shooting death of Stephon Clark.  I have mentioned Trayvon Martin, Philando Castille, Eric Gardner, Michael Brown, etc. etc. in other writing, but only Martin was the subject … Continue reading

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The gift-giving season just having passed, most all of us now have more stuff, and we’re poised for acquiring even more: the biggest bargains of the year coming in the dead of winter as merchants try to clear out what … Continue reading

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