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From Teaching to Training

♦  DIVERSITY TRAINING ♦  LEADERSHIP TRAINING ♦  PROFESSIONAL WRITING TRAINING I’ve done training sessions on these, as well as single, shorter talks and performances on RELIGION, SACRED TEXTS and INTERFAITH DIALOG, MUSIC AND CULTURE, and LITERATURE—especially of Chicago. This post … Continue reading

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Ray Charles Radio on Pandora

Now that I have somehow been given both a Google Nest and a Facebook Portal, I regularly say, “Hey, Google” or “Hey Portal, Play Ray Charles Radio.”  “Playing Ray Charles Radio on Pandora,” Google or Portal responds, and away we … Continue reading

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Unpacking Racism: “Noble” Sentiments that Keep Us from Talking About Race

This is the Lead Post in a series of articles based on “Unpacking Racism,” the theme of the 2020 Laity Convocation of the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church, held on February 8, 2020.  I and three other … Continue reading

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