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The “Intercollegiate Wonder Book” and the “New Negro”

“Realizing the need of an organization to bring together the few colored students attending the college and universities of Chicago in summer and living in various parts of the city, two social workers, Miss Mary McDowell and Mrs. Celia Parker … Continue reading

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Pentecost Means No “Supremacies”

We celebrate the Church’s “birth” on Pentecost Sunday, the day the promised Holy Spirit arrived.  This year we celebrated on May 20th, a Sunday where at my church—one of the most diverse in America—its large Filipino group took charge of … Continue reading

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Coffee, Ambien, Race

Caffeine speeds us up, Ambien slows us down.  Fast or slow, in America race is always there, much as we still spend huge amounts of energy denying it, trying not to face it.  Is Starbucks’ closing of 8000 stores “facing … Continue reading

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