There’s No Place Like Home

December 30th, 5:30 p.m. Paramount Theater / The Neighbor Project host fund raiser to help families and neighborhoods.

Single tickets for the Paramount Theater’s hit show The Wizard of Oz are going fast for $92 to over $300, BUT you can get a ticket, have dinner & hot chocolate, and meet-greet-and take pictures with the show’s stars for only $75!  Get those tickets HERE.  And in the process help your neighbors become more equal members of society so they can begin to help build better communities for all of us.


It’s almost as if one of the the classic show’s signature lines was made especially for The Neighbor Project, an organization formed this April with the merger of Emmanuel House and the Joseph Corporation.  The Neighbor Project focuses on helping the working poor get out of debt, save money, and purchase their first home, an asset that opens the door to more stability, educational opportunities, and greater involvement in building great neighborhoods.  All these add up to building a stronger community for ALL of us.  Dorothy murmurs a great truth when she returns from The Land of Oz: “There’s no place like home.” There’s no place like a home for changing the trajectory of a family’s—and a community’s—life.

Read more about the merger and The Neighbor Project, and watch its new intro video HERE.

Aurora’s great Paramount Theater has helped build the community through the arts and other ways as well, including always being a great partner to Emmanuel House and, now, The Neighbor Project.

Please pass along the news of this holiday fund raiser—a bargain!—and plan to come join us yourself.  Again, get tickets for it HERE.

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