“Hope Is A Home:” Danny Gokey’s Benefit Concert for Emmanuel House

Danny Gokey benefit concertIn the VIDEO BELOW we look back at Danny Gokey’s great benefit concert for Emmanuel House, held shortly before the 8th Annual Dinner & Auction in 2015.

Emmanuel House helps disrupt the cycle of poverty for working families, mainly through home ownership and education.  In 2016 it was named one of the “TOP 100 MOST INNOVATIVE” social change organizations in the world.

You can help by attending the next Emmanuel House Dinner/Auction.

≡≡ MORE INFO will be at: www.EmmanuelHouse.org, or HERE.

As for Danny Gokey himself: he has a magnificent voice, one that took him to a third place finish in 2008’s American Idol.  His personal story also moves us.  His first wife, Sophia, died of a heart condition in only their third year of marriage, but out of that pain came songs like “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again,” and an organization—Sophia’s Heart—a ministry to the homeless.  Out of a broken heart has come healing for many hearts, and working with the homeless gives Danny a special bond to Emmanuel House, which helps people buy their own homes.

Danny Gokey’s concert was one of the best I’ve attended in a while, and by far the best experience I’ve ever had at a so-called “Christian” concert.  601 people attended, and with the generous support not only of Danny, but sponsors like Exelon, Chick-fil-A, 94.3 K-Love, and others all profits went to Emmanuel House.  It takes a lot of money to accomplish our goal of moving 50 families out of poverty every 18 months, but the payoff is huge—incalculable—not only for those families, but their communities, and eventually for all of us.  THANK YOU, DANNY!

I still often refer to Emmanuel House as our “family foundation,” though Emmanuel House has  grown far, far beyond our family.  Started by Rick and Desiree Guzman, it’s a living memorial to my youngest son, Bryan Emmanuel.  Follow the Emmanuel House link just above to the Emmanuel House main page on this site, a page that opens with a series of videos explaining the program, then gives links to other videos and articles that chronicle our history.  You can also go straight to the Emmanuel House website HERE to donate, volunteer, and invest.

 Go to a short VIDEO highlighting the 2016 Concert Danny did for Emmanuel House.

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  1. Jan says:

    We’ve heard great things about the benefit concert for Emmanuel House and Danny’s performance! We are going to share your write up with Danny’s fans at our website. Thanks for all you and Sophia’s Heart are doing to help families in need! Jan

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