Bryan House: Reclaiming hope for war-torn refugee families

bryan-house-logoBryan House is a living memorial to the life of Bryan E. Guzman (1985-2006). It helps refugee families establish a better life by helping them save for their first home in America or for their children’s higher education. Qualified families live at Bryan House, have their rents invested, and, along with more savings and other financial aid, leave with a home down payment or college funds in 12 to 18 months.

Home ownership and Higher Education help these families gain financial and social stability and escape the cycles of poverty in which they often become trapped. Their children will be 25% more likely to graduate from high school, and nearly 120% more likely to graduate from college.

You can help change hundreds of lives. Support Bryan House by helping build, repair, and clean, by publicizing and supporting its fund raising efforts, by tutoring, and by donating money to sponsor a day, week, or month of rent for a refugee family. More info at:

The first of several planned Bryan Houses, this five-unit building is located on Lake Street in Aurora, IL. Thanks to the many who have helped make it a reality so quickly.



Click here to learn about how Bryan House has expanded into the Emmanuel House Community Development Corporation and see a list of resources like the new website, videos, and articles.

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