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Did Frank Lloyd Wright Listen to Fats Waller?

Ten Frank Lloyd Wright buildings have been nominated for UNESCO World Heritage status, beginning with Unity Temple (1905) and ending with the Marin Civic Center (1957). The Guggenheim opened in 1959, just months after Wright’s death, but we often date … Continue reading

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“Nativity”: Piano and Jazz at Christmas

Decades ago, when I was around 17-18-19, I had, briefly, a jazz trio.¬† And our church youth group wrote and performed a Christmas play.¬† And the two came together when I wrote a theme for that play, called it “Nativity,” … Continue reading

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Frank Lloyd Wright: The Idea of a Temple

The Imperial Hotel (Tokyo), The Guggenheim Museum (New York), Wingspread and the Johnson Wax¬†Administrative Building (Racine, WI), Robie House (Chicago), Taliesen and Taliensen West (Spring Green, WI, and Scottsdale, AZ), Falling Water (Mill Run, PA)—the list of important buildings goes … Continue reading

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