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Unpacking Racism: Taking Risks To Let Strangers Become Neighbors

This article is part of a series of posts based on the 2020 Laity Convocation of the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Go to the Lead Post in this series.  Below is the presentation of JUDY SIABA, … Continue reading

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Our “Green Book” fantasy, plus other Oscar winners that don’t hold up

This was front page, Arts & Entertainment section, of the February 3, 2019, Chicago Tribune.  Though the Christopher Borelli article focused on other things, my direct answer to the question about Green Book—which won 2019’s Oscar for Best Picture—is this: … Continue reading

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Embracing and Fearing the Void: The Root of Racism

James Baldwin once called America a nation “dedicated to the death of the paradox,” a people particularly fond of the straight-forward answer: the Yes-No, the Black-White, the Just-The-Facts, Ma’am, reply.  Which could make reading Baldwin particularly difficult.  As Raoul Peck, … Continue reading

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